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This English beauty is part of the newbie’s class of 2013. Set to take over the fashion industry, Cara Delevingne has caused quite a stir! Hailed as Model of the Year for 2012, meet the face of Burberry, Chanel and DKNY. She also has strutted her stuff down countless runways for the highly-anticipated Victoria’s Secret Show and Fashion Week 2013. Miss Delevingne is thought to be the subject of constant bidding wars between brands for runway shows and campaigns. Cara of course isn’t a one trick pony, as she has made a move into the acting realm, making an appearance alongside Keira Knightley in the recent adaptation of Anna Karenina.

What’s so intriguing about Cara would have to be the fact that for a fashion model, adorned in the most luxurious designer wear, she’s a big tomboy at heart. She goes about her daily life in onesies (yes, she wears them outside the house), skinny jeans and beanies. In addition to her aptitude for business, Cara has followed in the footsteps of celebrities (i.e. Beyonce and Victoria Beckham) by trade marking her name, in an effort to bring some of her own designing ambitions to life, soon.
To say that she is the most demanded model of 2013 is a serious understatement; we wonder when this girl has time to sleep! Miss Delevingne has the fashion world falling at her feet and is doing it ever so gracefully.

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